Are You Really Too Busy To Manage Your Money?

Meditation Pic Do you outsource doing Meditation to somebody else?

Do you outsource doing Physical Exercise to somebody else? Meditation Pic

Meditation Pic If you are taking care of mental and physical health yourself then why to outsource Financial Health Management to somebody else?
In our survey we have found that most of the professional money managers (or PMS) are able to harvest around 20% yearly return on their clients' accounts. Out of 20% they charge 2% (fix) as management fee and 20% of the profit as performance bonus. Altogether they are taking away 6% out of 20% generated profit and customers are left with 14%. Most of the investors are happy because 14% return is much higher than regular fixed deposit. In this analysis we have assumed money managers are professional and honest. There is no way one can verify these two parameters other than trust.

Our APS system has statistical average return record of 21% (check out This performance can be verified by anybody. If you think difference between 14% and 20% (reducing 1% service charge paid to us and in most cases it is less than 1%) is not significant then have a look at following chart.

Growth 14% vs 20% (CAGR)

This difference is going to double by 14th year and triple by 20th year.

In some cases folks have reported even much higher return than 20% by some money managers. However, we investigated the instrument behind and found their money was exposed to derivative market (F&O). Derivative market is more risky and volatile in nature. In nutshell we can say your money is at much higher risk at any moment. If regular equity market crashes by 10% to 15% then capital invested in F&O market is completely washed away. No wonder, it creates many stories where F&O traders lost all their earnings in a month which they make in a year.

For more reasons why one should prefer APS over PMS (or equivalent ) please visit the following link

Conclusion: Your money is safe in your hands and it has the best potential to grow by none other than you. It just needs a little attention on regular interval, which is worth. Services like APS help you to be well informed with statistical information and evidence on time to take best decisions about your investment management.

Your money for you is just like a baby for a mother. She takes help of professionals during upbringing phase but never outsources regular supervision.

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